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The Joys of 
Beating Myself Up

After all, I've been doing it for such a long time,
it must be fun, right?  (Ouch!)

When I beat myself up:

…I get to feel depressed, anxious, and worthless all at the same time. Wow!  THREE emotions for the price of one!   Very economical...

…I pay attention and focus on events and situations that no one else thought were very important. By deliberately noticing all the little "mistakes" I make, I create my own "Hell" all around me and get a chance to live in my own little world of pain and misery.

…I'm only listening to ANTs thoughts, and I have found them to be very "truthful" and "accurate". By continuing to beat myself up, I am guaranteeing that my ANTs thoughts and feelings will always rule my life.

…I reinforce the absolute fact that I am a failure, a loser, no good, and have nothing to offer anyone at any time. This fuels my anxiety and my deepest depression. It will mess up my life for good, and insure that I do not have a future.

…I know I will continue to see things in the way the ANTs want me to see them … inaccurately, irrationally, and skewed to the negative. This is exciting … maybe I can be known as the "most depressing person on the face of the planet" if I keep this up.

…I will not be allowing rational, accurate, and healthy thoughts to enter my mind. By beating myself up, I can keep these nasty rational thoughts away forever. I am learning to love anxiety, depression, fear, worthlessness, hopelessness, and failure.

Now, let's see... what are some other ways I can beat myself up?


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